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China"s construction machinery and broad prospects for development
    State Economic and Trade Commission recently issued a construction machinery industry, "15" planned and implemented. The planning of the region and the development of construction machinery enterprises, "15" development strategy and promoting the restructuring of important guiding significance.
    "15" Construction Machinery overall development of market-oriented ideas to reform as a driving force, and increase the industry structure adjustment and restructuring efforts, focusing on cultivating support several strong competitive large enterprise groups open up for SMEs, to encourage Their autonomy to participate in market competition; speed up enterprise technical innovation and industrial upgrading the pace of efforts to increase product variety, and strive to improve product quality and technical level; focus on the development of the western development and infrastructure construction market in urgent need of large, complete sets and special characteristics of products, optimize the industries Product mix and organizational structure of the enterprises, the development of construction machinery industry to a new level.
    According to the plan, by 2005, the main development objectives are as follows:
Overall goal: By 2005, China's demand for construction machinery in about 76 billion yuan. "10th Five-Year Plan" period, for domestic construction machinery in the domestic market share of 80 percent to 61 billion yuan and export volume reached 40 billion yuan, total sales amounted to 65 billion yuan. 2005 hydraulic excavator production totaled 12,000 units of soil transport machinery 31,000 Taiwan, the Taiwan project crane 9000, the internal combustion forklifts 20,000 Taiwan, Taiwan roller 8000, 48,000 concrete mixers, such as Taiwan.
    Products restructuring objectives: to carry out modular design, development of the contemporary level of electro-hydraulic integration of intelligent products. Development of new products, fill the gap, import substitution. Actively develop simple mechanical-engineering products to meet the township rural economic development, such as simple hydraulic excavators, bulldozers and excavation ditching accessories, digging machine, grasping wood Forest Farm machinery, multi-functional piling machines. In the 1970s out of the inefficient, high energy consumption, emissions of poor products, and gradually updated the 1980s behind the product.
    Corporate restructuring targets: "15" during the restructuring of key enterprises to achieve industry-wide sales of 80 percent, forklifts, the wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, rollers, such as tower cranes should be to achieve scale Economic level. Enterprise reform, reorganization, is to adjust the direction of the Group and specialized various economic sectors and various forms of organization development.
    Technical restructuring goals: to actively develop high-tech content and the characteristics of competitive products, an increase of advanced technology and advanced manufacturing equipment in the proportion of enterprises, speed up new technologies, new materials, new technology in the construction machinery industry research and application . Has been the introduction of foreign products to more than 250 technical track, improve the timely innovation, key products to achieve the level of import substitution. Damian-the volume of products through foreign joint venture, the introduction of technology to promote the upgrading of products.
    Quality, and efficiency objectives: "10th Five-Year Plan" period, asked more than 50 percent of the reliability of indicators and products to life abroad in the 1980s, the average time between failures of 400 hours or more, the first overhaul of the average life expectancy of 5,000 hours or more. Sales of 50 million yuan over the more than 120 medium-sized enterprises all passed ISO9000 quality certification.
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